Ujima Garden

Ujima Garden is the pride and joy of Slow Food NYC. We partnered with East New York Urban Youth Corps, WATCH High School and Brownsville Multi-Service corporation to find a location where we could build our teaching farm.  The site is ideal as we have almost 4,000 square feet of property, along with an indoor classroom and kitchen. We spent the spring cleaning up the lot and building a teaching farm with the help of many, many Slow Food NYC volunteers.

At Ujima Garden, Slow Food NYC is hosting a “Good Food and Gardens” program this summer. The program lasts 6 weeks and includes topics such as “farmers and farming”, “world food traditions,” “nutrition,” “entrepreneurship,” and “community service.” We have recruited the children for this program from the neighborhood, and we currently have 15 students enrolled. We will be taking the children to volunteer at Queens County Farm, to shop at a GrowNYC farmers market, and  to forage in Prospect Park. In addition the students will experience many guests stopping by the farm: a chef, a farmer, an urban chicken farmer, and a nutritionist. Everyday we will cook, eat, and work in the garden planting, weeding and harvesting

Future plans for the farm are to build a hen house for five egglayers and to host a beehive so we can make our own honey.

WATCH high school will be taking over the farm once the Slow Food NYC summer program ends.

The head teacher and programming director at this site is Kate Ortenzi who comes to us from Americorp and the Clinton Foundation. The Assistant Teacher is Bridget Moriarity who hails from the Hunter College Graduate Program in Urban Planning. We have three WATCH students assisting the teachers, and who will be leading the effort into the fall.

Please contact GoodFoodandGardens@gmail.com for more info and to visit the farm.


3 responses to “Ujima Garden

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  2. Annie Khan


    I am interested in doing a news story on the slow food movement in New York city. Are there any new events coming up?

  3. sandramc

    Today at Ujima Garden we cooked for the entire day. The kids and staff made cheese, butter, zucchini muffins, beef and carrot salad in cucumber boats and swiss chard frittatas. It was a lot of fun. The food tasted amazing. My favorite out of the three was the zucchini muffins—we sent a few home to one of the kids who attends the camp. His name is Godfrie, and he is in the hospital from a car accident. We hope he will recover from his injuries quickly and return to the garden before the summer ends.

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