Attendance Woes

The beginning of week 5 is hours away with 15 days down and 8 to go for the entire length of this start-up program.  My students at Ujima have finally settled into routine.  They are more calm, relaxed, and excited about the work we are doing. On Wednesday we made Pasta with Pesto sauce with our basil we grew right on sight.  Everyone loved it.  Daillo said, “I like this a thousand more times than I liked the Fritatta, and I LOVED the fritatta.” (A swiss chard fritatta in fact.)

On Thursday, Godfrie returned, limping a little after his two week absence after getting struck by a car.  We are happy to have him back.  Unfortunately, Diallo wont be able to come anymore becuase his mom has other stuff she wants him to do.  It’s sad that right when things start really getting good a student has to leave.  Out of all the students, I think he may have loved coming the most.  We will miss him, but hopefully he can come next year.


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