A Greenmarket Adventure

On Wednesday, we took the kids from Ujima and Hecksher to the Greenmarket at Union Square. Things got off to a rocky start as none of the kids from the YMCA showed up at Hecksher. It turned out that there was some sort of problem with the counselor/student ratio for the trip, so they couldn’t come along. We were sad that they couldn’t join us. That said, there were still 12 kids and that was about all that could fit into the education tent at one time…so perhaps it was for the best.

One of the biggest ongoing challenges for the teachers has been trying to get the partner camps’ schedules to jive with our camp’s schedule.  I have to say that the teachers have been amazingly resourceful with their ability to make everything work. Next year we will have to set our partnerships earlier to make sure that everything is clear among all the parties.

Back to the Greenmarket. It was hot! Holley (our uber dedicated Slow Food NYC vice chair)  bought a big container of lemon cider from Red Jacket to get the kids properly watered before the teacher from Greenmarket got started. Once the teacher arrived, she gave a nicely interactive presentation about farms and farmers. I was so proud of our kids. They were engaged and asked lots of great questions.

Then, we all went on a short tour: we visited Andrew and his bees (what a character!), the fish stand, the ostrich farmer, the goat farmer and lots of vegetable farmers. Most of the kids had never tried honey before and none of them had ever seen an ostrich egg. They were fascinated. Do you know how many chicken eggs fit inside an ostrich egg?

Next, we were off on a scavenger hunt to find all sorts of local treats and at the same time spend our “Snail Bucks”. Each student got a certificate to spend $2 at the stands. This, not surprisingly, was the hit of the day. The farmers were generous and they came away with bags of fruit, a cantaloupes and other goodies. Some of the kids tried their hand at bargaining and, from what I saw, did quite well!

A great trip!



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